What to do on a first date?

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Imagine being an attractive woman who has lived in the same city all her life. She’s been on 20 first dates and has been taken to all the standard date locations:
  • Restaurant.
  • Movies.
  • Café.
  • Park.
  • Amusement park.
  • Entertainment facility.
  • Walk along the beach.
Next, imagine you are that woman going on those dates with guys who:
  1. Forget to relax and have fun because they are too concerned with making things run smoothly.
  2. Are trying to impress you to gain your approval.
  3. Are nervous.
  4. Ask standard first date questions.
  5. Treat the date like it’s the step before a relationship or marriage!
Then one day you meet a guy who takes you to the same restaurant that the 10 other guys have taken you to.

However, this guy:

  1. Makes you feel relaxed.
  2. Is confident.
  3. Isn’t afraid to engage in cheeky humour.
  4. Makes the date run smoothly.
  5. Has a relaxed and fun time with you.
  6. Is a great conversationalist and knows how to ‘vibe’ with you.
Does it matter that he took you to the same restaurant?



Because the most important thing is how you make a woman feel, through the use of your personality and behaviour.

Women will feel great things when you learn how to do the seven things mentioned above, all of which you can learn about in great detail in my e-book ‘Become a Man Who Naturally Attracts Women’.

Now, in the little story above I’ve mentioned taking a woman out to dinner, so I want to point something out:

Although it’s perfectly fine to do so, I’m not specifically recommending that you HAVE TO dine at restaurants on first dates.

You do whatever you want.

If you feel like going for a walk by the beach – do it.

If you feel like grabbing a pizza and heading to a nice lookout – do it.

If you feel like grabbing a coffee with her – do it.


But, most of all: Do whatever YOU feel like doing.


Because women are naturally attracted when a guy can ‘be the man and take the lead’.

It’s your choice.

All the best!

The Modern Man


The Modern Man are Australia’s leading dating coaches for men.

In addition to offering live coaching for men on how to meet and attract women in bars and other social hotspots, they run a seminar and have an instant download e-Book available.


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